GCADA Membership application





1. Membership consists of three categories: 

          Dealer Member: A dealer, over the age of 18, who is actively engaged in the buying and selling of antiques. 

          Associate Member: An individual, entity, or company that provides a service that is associated with the antiques trade. 

          Honorary Member: One who is not actively engaged in the buying and selling of antiques and that is elected by the                                                   GCADA membership to this category.                      


2. Website Listing: All members are entitled to list their business, contact information, website link and provide information                                       about their inventory along with photographs on the GCADA website (antiquesrochesterny.com).


3. Directory Listing: All members are entitled to be listed in our directory pamphlet. This pamphlet is updated yearly and                                             identifies members by their location, contact information and inventory.


4. General meetings: All members may attend regularly scheduled general business meetings.


5. Committees: All members are asked to participate on committees. They are:

                Executive Committee                                 Committee on Ethics, Grievances & Arbitration

                Committee on Shows                                 Committee on Finance

                Committee on Friendship                           Committee on Legislation & Trade Relations

                Committee on Nominations                        Committee on Programs

                Committee on Proposed Membership        Committee on Publicity

                Committee on Grants & Scholarships        Committee on Technology


6. Social Events: All members are invited to our summer picnic and our winter Christmas party.


7. Educational Events: All members are invited to presentations that are sometimes available on topics of historical                                                        significance.


8. Antique Shows: GCADA sponsors two antique shows annually. The Spring show in March at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY and the Summer show in Canandaigua, NY. Members of GCADA are given the opportunity to exhibit at these shows based upon available booth space. Membership does not guarantee show participation.


9. Grants and Scholarships: A portion of the profit from our shows is donated for this purpose. GCADA sponsors an annual scholarship at Nazareth College in the arts curriculum. When possible a grant or grants are made to area historical not-for-profit organizations.


10. Code of Ethics: All members are required to follow this code, as outlined in our Constitution, when dealing with GCADA                                      members and with the general public.


11. Membership Dues: $50.00 yearly.